Monday, November 9, 2009

The Truth About Fat Burning Supplements

Be careful of "Fat Burners" flooding the market...

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I’ll admit, this next video is a little long winded but this is a topic I take very seriously and that you should be well informed so that you can maximize your fat loss results and to protect your health and wallet.

If you’ve ever had an experience with the latest fat burning supplement then you’ll know they are notorious for over promising and under delivering.

There’s far more at stake here then the latest bodybuilding supplement stealing your money and laughing behind your back - today I will pull back the curtain in far greater detail.

Most fat burning products are sold under the counter with a variety of names like fat burners, thermo formulas, metabolic boosters, reducing agents and many more.

The fat burning supplements that do work contain drugs such as ephedrine and caffeine which are both very powerful stimulants and yes, they are drugs.

However, what supplement companies commonly do is take the herbal forms of those, for example, caffeine comes from a plant called guarana and ephedrine comes from a plant called ma haung, and they put it in their product so they can market it as “natural” or “herbal.”

My biggest issue is that fat burners will work in the short-term but they will not sustain you for the long-term which is why many people fall victim of roller-coaster fitness success.

Fat burners will increase your metabolism up to 10% a day which can be very effective when you’ve progressed down to a very low calorie diet and have progressed up to to the greatest energy expenditure. To summarize, when you can’t take in any less and you can’t put out any more - this is the one and only time I would endorse a fat burning supplement because it will help melt that final few pounds of fat.

Typically, the only people who reach this state are bodybuilders and fitness models on the final few weeks of contest preparation and those on the final few weeks of a transformation contest.

Fat burners also have a diuretic effect which leads to water loss and suppresses your appetite by manipulating your brain neuro-transmitters. They’ll also increase your heart rate which is why you’ll notice that you begin sweating earlier in your workout and they can also cause headaches and tremors on the intermediate side of things. On the extreme side, they can result in a stroke or death.

The extreme cases rarely happen but if occurs more often if you have high blood pressure or heart problems and you should always consult with your doctor before using them period.

So why are fat burners so effective?

Fast forward to about 4 and 1/2 minutes into the video to find out.

As you can see I compiled a massive amount of research into this video to bring you just the nuts and bolts of this subject of fat burning supplements so that you will be very well informed on this serious matter.

When you’re done watching, don’t forget to share your comments and your own opinions on this matter. I would love to hear them.

Train hard and train even smarter,

Vince DelMonte

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